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Advice on locating nest sites

Monday, February 14th, 2011

London has its fair share of tall buildings but few of them make suitable places for Peregrine Falcons to nest. If you’re considering installing a nest box it is important to assess the viability of the site in terms of the odds of the young fledging successfully.

A tall, glass covered building with a sheer face
An unsuitable building for a Peregrine nest box © LPP

One significant difference between cliff sites and urban sites is that many buildings do not offer fledgling Peregrines somewhere to perch if they are unable to make it back to the nest ledge. With nothing to perch on the birds will slide down the sheer face of the building or fly to other buildings nearby, desperately trying to find a perch. In this situation fledglings can quickly find themselves on the ground where they are extremely vulnerable.

A tall building with numerous ledges
A suitable building for a Peregrine nest box © LPP

Therefore only buildings with ledges or other niches where fledglings can perch make suitable locations for nest boxes.

Potential nest sites should also be assessed in terms of security and proximity to existing Peregrine territories. Please get in touch if you’d like more advice on this process.

Keep ‘em peeled

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

It’s that time of year again. Established breeding pairs of Peregrines are renewing their pair bonds in preperation for another season. Some pairs in London may have to defend their nest sites from intruding birds wishing to establish their own territories. The density of pairs in London is growing, but we don’t think it’s reached saturation point.

Birds of prey are not universally welcomed, but the response we’ve seen from members of the public to Peregrines in London has been overwhelmingly positive. As long as these birds are welcome and the sites they choose are not perilous for their young, we think they deserve to be given a chance to breed.

You can help. Please let us know if you see Peregrine activity around tall buildings in your area.

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