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Easter eggs

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Easter is upon us and many of our Peregrines are busy incubating their eggs.

The Parliament birds have returned to the ledge on a nearby building where they raised four chicks last year (not the BT Tower, as reported elsewhere). Earlier this year the nesting tray we installed with help from the RSPB and BT was cleaned out and topped up in preparation for another season. The webcam is up and running and you can read updates about the pair on Dave Morrison’s Parliament Diary.

Misty is extending her record of successive breeding in central London. Meanwhile Rob Dolton is organizing volunteers to help monitor this year’s fledglings in Sutton.

Last but not least, we’re pleased to report that the pair which are regular visitors to WWT London have laid three eggs (and counting) which they should soon begin incubating, thanks largely to the efforts of Dave Morrison and Nathalie Mahieu. Nathalie has set up a blog where you can follow their story: Fulham & Barnes Peregrines.

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