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Season recap

Sunday, July 17th, 2011
The tiercel at Sutton with a freshly caught Swift © Phil Wallace

The breeding season is winding down. This year’s fledglings are now on the wing, learning the essential skills they’ll need to survive to independence. We have yet to collate the results for the greater London area, but we’re pleased to report on a successful season for some of our better known pairs.

The Tate pair fledged two young. From this weekend you have the opportunity to see the birds through telescopes at the RSPB viewing point.

The Parliament peregrines (as seen on the RSPB/BT webcam and Springwatch) bred again, fledging three young. The family can now be seen around Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

A pair in Fulham and Barnes fledged three young—the first successful attempt at the site—though not without a bit of drama. You can read a full account of events on the Fulham and Barnes Peregrines Facebook page set up by Nathalie Mahieu.

In Sutton a pair bred again on an office block by the train station, fledging four young. This site was monitored by local volunteers organized by Rob Dolton and advised by the LPP. Sutton Peregrines are also on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who gave up their time to help the birds this year.

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