About us

The London Peregrine Partnership (LPP) was formed in 2009 when the need was identified for an organisation and a website that would help ensure the Peregrine Falcon’s protection and breeding success in London.

We are a small voluntary group who have been helping Peregrine Falcons since 2003 when the first Central London pair attempted to breed.

We work in partnership with other organisations that share our objectives, such as the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit and the RSPB. The urban Peregrine’s preference for tall buildings means that we work closely with building/estates managers providing them with advice and assistance concerning the bird’s needs and behaviour in order that they can fulfil their responsibilities. Additionally, we also work with individuals and community groups who are keen to help in the monitoring of their local Peregrine nest site.

We created the Website as a point of contact for anyone needing advice or information regarding Peregrines in London. If you wish to contact us please don’t hesitate as we always treat any information with great sensitivity.

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